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Make Lists: Keep a list handy. Whenever you run out of something or see that
you're getting low, add it to your list. Check the fridge and the cabinets before going
to the store. This will save you money because you won't be grabbing a lot of things
you don't need, and you won't have to go back for something you forgot. Make lists
when you have a lot to accomplish that day, and it brings a lot of satisfaction as
you cross it off.

Music: Playing lively music helps you move a little faster and puts you in a better
mood. It makes cleaning a little more fun rather than a dreaded chore.

A place for everything and everything in its place: Find a place for things. Establish
a place for incoming mail, for bills, for newspapers, magazines, shoes, coats, Bibles,
videos, games, toys, books, etc. Shelves and plastic bins work great and are fairly
inexpensive at Wal-Mart and home fix-it stores. Once there is a place for things,
develop a habit for putting things down in their place and it will be easier to keep
the house clean. When the kids start playing, have them clean up before pulling out
new things. Toys can be kept in
inexpensive plastic laundry baskets.

How often to clean? You can clean each room thoroughly once a week. Every day
check to make sure the tops of counters and tables are kept clear and wiped down.
Vacuum the most lived in places once a day. At least twice a year, make sure that each
area gets a thorough cleaning such as washing curtains and shower curtains, rotating
mattresses, moving furniture to clean and vacuum behind it (including the fridge
and oven), under the beds, in the closets, and the highest shelves.
Consider giving excess to charity.

1) Wash cloths and sponges harbor germs. Brushes are more sanitary.
You can run the brush through the dishwasher each night.
2) Try emptying the dishwasher first thing in the morning. Throughout the day put dirty
dishes directly into the dishwasher, so that there is no sink or counter
clutter. Then, run the dishwasher last thing at night to start over again the next day.
3) Wipe down everything with a store cleaner or make your own solution of 2 tablespoons
bleach mixed with 1 quart water. Wipe cleanest to dirtiest (fridge and sink first - chairs and trash can lid last)
4) For easy oven cleaning, spray it the night before to clean it the following day.
5) Empty the fridge and freezer of old and expired items.
6) For easy microwave cleaning, put 2 tablespoons of baking soda and a little water in
a paper cup. Turn the microwave on and watch closely. When it explodes, turn the
microwave off, unplug it, then wipe it clean.
7) Vacuum the floor, pay attention to corners and cracks, under the table, and any vents, including stove and heater/air conditioner.
8) Last thing is the floor. Use a foaming tile cleaner, wait a couple of minutes, and
then mop the floor.

Laundry: if you have a washer/dryer, you may try at least one load per day. Some find
it better to do it all once or twice a week. I usually do one or two loads a day. There is
almost always clothes in the basket, the washer, and the dryer. In the morning I dry the
clothes that are already in the dryer, then lay them out on my bed for everyone to take
and put away on their own by the end of the day. Then I transfer the clothes that are in the washer into the drier, and start a new load. Don't forget sheets and towels!

Let us encourage one another as we grow in our walk with the Lord!












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