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Toilet cleaner: sprinkle Tang or lemon kool aid on the sides of the toilet and in the
water. Leave on for at least and hour, and brush out. Citric acid is an oxidizer.
(a Flylady tip!)

Tub and tile cleaner: Mix 1/4 cup of baking soda, 4 T ammonia, 4 T vinegar, & 3
cups water in a labeled spray bottle. Warning - if you use this in conjunction bleach
or where bleach has been used, it will create dangerous fumes! Just spray and wipe.
No need to rinse.

Bathtub Cleaner: fill the bathtub with very hot water and put vinegar or bleach in
it. (caution if you have small children, this would be a drowning hazard)

Other areas:
Clear clutter. Put away extra items.
Vacuum. Start with a clean vacuum - change the bag or empty the canister. Use the
correct settings and vacuum up high first - like over door jams and curtains. Then lower, like pictures and lampshades as some dust will fall down. Then vacuum the floor. The best prevention of insects is a clean floor.



For Pets:
Astragulus may help immune system
Black walnut may get rid of worms
Cottage cheese may help tummy problems
Mineral oil for cleaning ears
Flaxseed for decreasing shedding, for nicer hair, and for cancer and tumors
Vitamin C for tumors

Sublingual B complex can help correct deficiencies of vitamin B which can cause anxiety, irritation, worry, depression, skin & tongue or
(vaginal skin) irritations, acne,
memory problems and more.

Jewelweed (touch me nots) for poison ivy.

Colloidal oatmeal - soothes skin

Ledum may help with Lymes

Hypericum may help reduce
nerve pain

Collidal silver may be natural

Eucalyptus and honey is possible help for cataracts

Honey for healing burns and bruises. May have antibiotic effects.

Aloe-vera for healing skin. Keep
an aloe vera plant in your house-it requires almost no care! Great for sunburns or infections-break
off part of the leaf and rub.

Kava kava or passion flower may decrease anxiety

Used tea bags for burns, on canker sores, and to help stop the bleeding after a tooth is removed. Also helps soothe eyes.

Raw onions for insect bites

Cucumber slices for tired eyes.

Green tea might be helpful in
preventing cancer as an antioxidant.

Arnica and arnica gel for bruising, swelling, and pain

Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus - tick repellents. Also put drops in the water of a vaporizer to deter bacteria.

Ginger snaps for diarrhea and motion sickness

Licorice (not candy) might work as alternative to cortisone

Cottage cheese & yogurt helps develop good bacteria, especially if you are on antibiotics

Milk thistle may help liver problems

Mustard may help burns

Red raspberries may help cancer

Echincea & garlic may help the immune system

*If someone in your home gets sick, remember to change the toothbrush - or you can boil it to kill germs and stop reinfection!

Olive oil may help prevent skin cancer

Sting nettle may help hayfever

Peppermint oil may help bee stings

Vinegar helps itch of bug bites

Apple cider vinegar soaking may relieve arthritis

Peppermint Tea may help diarrhea and stomach upset

Boiled rice helps with diarrhea

Black walnut improves gums and teeth

Headaches a towel wet with warm water and vinegar placed on your face may help.

Hair Cutting: if you cut your kid's or pet's hair, remember to use scissors with round tips!

Make up brushes: to save money, buy craft paint brushes instead.




















Remove grease stains from clothes: spray on WD40 and let sit 20-60 minutes. Then rinse with hot water and rub with dishsoap until it's clean.

For ants: paprika, garlic, mint

For mice: Peppermint - supposedly, mice don't like peppermint. Place peppermint gum where mice are hiding.

For mealybugs: Spearmint gum -
mealybugs don't like the smell. Put some sticks in kitchen cabinets.

For moles: Juicy fruit - supposedly moles will eat this and then it will kill them because they can't digest it. Maybe it would work for mice, too?

Mothball alternatives - cedar chips, lavender, whole peppercorns, mint

Add a little when hard boiling eggs to help keep the shell intact

Combine with a little salt to clean a coffee stained cup

Use it to clean gooey messes (like gum) First freeze the goo with ice or put the item in the freezer, scrape off, and then rub with vinegar

Add a little to the water in the electric iron to help it from clogging and spitting

Sprinkle some when ironing to remove a crease

Add a touch when cooking cauliflower to whiten it

Use it in the final rinse to remove static cling

Can work as a stain remover to remove coffee, tea, and grass stains

Can help relieve sunburn

Helps to remove wallpaper

Mix vinegar and borax to remove mildew

Equal parts vinegar and water brought to a boil will clean your teapot or coffee pot

Baking Soda:
Use as an odor destroyer - -
leave an open box in the fridge
sprinkle a little in the litter box
sprinkle on carpets & furniture before vacuuming
sprinkle in bottom of garbage cans
sprinkle a little on a smelly pet

For crayon on the wall - heat it with a hair dryer and then rub with baking soda

Helps put out grease fire

Use with a little lemon juice to polish your teeth

Mix with a little vinegar to clean and remove odors from cutting board

Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 1/2 cup vinegar and a cup of water and bring to a boil to clean non-coated pans

Sprinkle a little in your shoes to reduce odors.

Other odor destroyers - To help with musty furniture smells, mothball odors, etc., try candles, charcoal pellets, and coffee grinds.

Citronella repels insects - extract at the store is very inexpensive.

Lavender is calming - you can put some drops in your bath, on your rugs, furniture

Club Soda: use for cleaning spills and stains. Takes care of catsup, cola stains, kool-aid, etc. Pour it on, than blot.

Bounce: (or any fabric softener sheet)

To prevent static shock: rub it on your clothes, tuck one in your shoe or sock or pocket. Helps keep your hair from sticking out, too.

May help to remove pet hair. Wipe it on the hair on your clothes. Also wipe it on furniture before vacuuming.

Salt and boiling water helps keeps drains flowing.

Helps put out grease fire

Mix with a little water and shake to clean coffee pots

To prevent mildew on your shower curtain - soak the curtain in salt water

Sprinkle it on your oven spill and it will help when you clean it later

WD 40: spray to keep locks and door hinges (including cabinets) quiet and working smoothly

Try it on crayon and lipstick marks that can be wiped.

Toothpaste: rub a little on lipstick stains on clothes

Use it to remove crayon marks on the walls and floors.